Friday Doubles/Stick League

Having trouble finding a 4-person team?  Want to try a faster paced version of curling that only needs 2 people per team?  Come try our new Friday Doubles/Stick league.

This league will feature a combination of Doubles and Stick curling teams.  We are still working out the details (which will depend in part on what type of teams sign up) but we anticipate having some games playing doubles format and some playing 2-person stick format each week.

Doubles (often referred to as Mixed Doubles) features 2-person teams (typically one man and one woman but we will take any pair).  2 rocks (one from each team) are pre-placed and then each team delivers 5 rocks per end.

  You can either have one person holding the broom and one thrower (who sweeps their own rock) or go with a thrower and a sweeper (and no one holding the broom).

Stick curling also features 2-person teams (of any gender) but is otherwise quite different.  There are no pre-placed rocks and 6 rocks are thrown each end. However, all rocks are delivered using a delivery stick and there is no sweeping before the hog line.   You take turns either throwing the rock or skipping (players do not switch ends).

The rules for both formats can be downloaded from the links below.

This league will play on the Fridays when the mixed league is not curling and there is no bonspiel or other special event.  A schedule of the weeks we will be curling can be download from the link below. 

 The first week for this league is Friday, November 8, 2019.  Show up at 7 pm and teams will be made up and game formats  chosen at that time.

As this is a new league with limited nights available to play, we will be charging a $7 per night drop-in fee per player.  No club membership, volunteer bond or fundraising tickets are required.    You may enter as a 2-person team or an individual.

For more information on Friday Doubles/Stick League, email the club at